Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for collating the income an expenditure of the Parish and advising the Parish Priest of the viability of large items of expenditure. It also prepares an annual statement of accounts for the Parish and the Parish financial reports for the Archdiocese. There is also a team of ‘money counters’ who work on a rota basis every Sunday.

Gift Aid: If you are a tax payer you could help the church by signing up to Gift Aid. All this entails is signing the Gift Aid Declaration Form and the church keeping a record of your offertory donations paid via our Gift Aid envelopes or you may wish to do a standing order in favour of the church.  The church then receives an extra 25 pence for every pound you contribute and you pay nothing extra yourself. It may be to your advantage if you pay tax at the higher rate. Details of payments are only known to the Parish Priest and Gift Aid Co-ordinator, David Cameron.

If you do wish to use a bank standing order for regular payments contact the Gift Aid Co-ordinator for St Kentigern’s bank details.

Parish Priest
Lindsay Wilson
Bert Demarco
Armando Ditano
David Cameron





St Kentigern’s is a Parish of the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh, registered charity No. SCO08540